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Alan Kingwell: Oil Painting Demonstration – Painting Snow

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This is a beautiful painting of a snowy field by oils artist Alan Kingwell. Throughout this short video you will see how he selects the appropriate colors to depict a cold winter’s morning and how heavy emphasis is put on the shading across the top of the snow. He uses a fan brush amongst others and also introduces a stipple brush to bring foliage and shrubbery to life. A great video to see how an oils painting is build up and structured from start to finish.

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Alan Kingwell: Oil Painting Demonstration - Painting Snow, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Hi alan…Nice work! Thought I would show you my little videHi Alan…(surprised to get response…usually youtube videos don’t respond!!) Love your work…great technique…thought I would show you some of my stuff?


  2. Alan ,I just love your paintings – your colours, your style – they are so poetic, so magical….so inspirational. I have been painting with rags (oil and acrylic) for only over 2 years – landscapes from my imagination. I can understand quite well your creating process, your spontaneity. your enjoyment. Thank you for posting your art.


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