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Becky Joy: Fine Art, Sunset And Water Oil Painting Demo

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This is a step by step approach by Becky Joy showing you how to paint a sunset using oil paints. She has achieved this by using a camera to take still snapshots at various stages of her painting process. The painting demonstration highlights how each stage is undertaken with respects to foreground, placement of the paint, perspective and layering.

She begins with the background where a sunset is painted using a variety of colors including reds, oranges, purples, violets and a whole wealth of other colored paints. The canvas has been previously sketched to allow Joy absolute control of her placement with her oil paints. The brush which appears to have been used is a medium sized flat filbert brush and her technique and brush application is in dabs  of block color. The more colors which are brought into the painting then the sooner the paints and pigments fuse together to create a realistic and convincing sunset.

Like most paintings, it is the background which is undertaken first and sets as a foundation for the closer foreground images like trees to lie iup front and achieve a really convincing sense of depth and perspective. Her application with the paint brush is loose and confident and allows her to move about the canvas in an organised fashion to create maximum results within her oil painting.

The color palette which she has selected is very harmonious and almost autumnal in appearance. she has carefully selected deep colors like umbers and crimsons which contain a heavy pigment content to give a very full bodied and competent painting. It is also clear that a finer detailed paint brush has been used to pick up the details like the branches of the trees and the blades of grass surrounding the sunset drenched lake. The entire painting as a whole shows a great level of expertise and possibly years of experience and makes for a cracking example of how to orderly structure your oil painting from start to finish. A highly recommended art video tutorial for people of all levels to enjoy and admire.

Becky Joy: Fine Art, Sunset And Water Oil Painting Demo, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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