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Bob Ross: Paint Fluffy Clouds

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In this video, artistic TV giant Bob Ross, shows the viewer how to capture the essence of a cloud. Whilst Ross is an expert in his field, the approach he adopts is easy to follow and his techniques allow the aspiring artist to paint like him in seemingly no time at all. A very worthwhile artist to follow for the novice painter. Check him out now and get panting.

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Bob Ross: Paint Fluffy Clouds, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. I’m not even watching this because I like to paint… It’s just soooo calming for me just watching him painting and hearing him speaking in this low, soft voice… “there we go” ….aaaaah just love this <3 I could fall asleep right now. beautifull art, though.


  2. Hahaha…happy little clouds, how could you not love this guy? I remember watching him as a kid and being amazed at how he turned these random brushstrokes into an absolute masterpiece and I almost felt that if I tried hard enough I too might be able to. That was the magic of watching Bob Ross. The man had a gift and he shared it and thank goodness for that.


  3. Things I’ve learned while watching bob ross:1. We don’t want to set the sky on fire.2. Pure white is just disturbing.3. Birds need a place to set their little feet.4. Every painting needs a happy little cloud.5. You can always add more paint, but taking paint away is very hard.


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