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Anne Frank – The Graphic Biography

Anime/Cartoon, Art Blog, Newly Added | 09 Mar, 2014 | No Comments | 5 mins

Here Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón talk about the writing and illustrating "The Anne Frank Story: The Anne Frank House Authorized the Graphic Biography and it became the crown Of their careers. In today's society the way in which history is taught to our children has changed.  People are[...]

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How To Draw Kid Goku (Dragonball)

In this video you can learn how to draw Kid Goku from the anime and game Dragonball. The tutorial explains it step by step and show examples on how to draw this popular manga character. This little character Kid Goku appeared in the episode Dragon ball GT when Goku was aged 47 (before the wish by Shenron turning[...]

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How To Draw An Anime Boy Crying (Manga)

Ideal for beginners wishing to see how to draw anime and manga...

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Drawing An Anime Girl Crying

Mark Crilley takes on another manga character in this manga drawing tutorial. To make the tutorial extra special he draws the Chibi manga character but combines the picture with a decorative element which could serve as a nice gift card to give someone. With his pencil he begins drawing the head shapes of the manga character before slowly[...]

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How To Draw Anime Character Yugioh

Test your manga drawing abilities and learn to draw Yugioh!

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How To Draw Sakura In Hentai

Sakura is a female ninja from the popular and long running anime series called Naruto. She is one of the most famous and followed characters in the anime world and as a result many anime and manga fanatics would love to be able to draw Sakura. What this video offers is a Hentai rendition of Sakura[...]

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Mark Crilley: Drawing Men’s And Women’s Shoes (Manga)

In this drawing tutorial manga artist Mark Crilley shoes you how to draw both men's and women's shoes for your manga characters. Like anything object in life, you can draw it from any angle you want as well as interpret it in anyway you want, that's the beauty of art. What Mark Crilley is showing us[...]

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Paint Tool SAI Drawing Of Chunli, Mai Shiranui & Asuka Kuzama

This fantastic piece has been produced using the digital medium ‘Paint Tool SAI’ and shows an incredible amount of control, precision and detail. The video has been sped up so that the viewer can enjoy the creation in a well suited timeframe and be in awe of the development of the drawing. The characters drawn are[...]

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Mark Crilley: How To Draw Wavy Hair On Your Manga Character

In this drawing tutorial, manga creator and artist Mark Crilley demonstrates how to draw curly or wavy hair on a female. Many people struggle with the concept of how to draw curly hair but with Mark's easy to follow step by step approach using only his pen and a pencil it won't be too long until[...]

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How To Draw ‘L’ From ‘Death Note’ In Pencil

This art video shows a young artist drawing the character 'L' from the popular anime/manga series Death Note in a time lapsed format to cut the video length down. You get the opportunity to see where to begin when drawing certain anime characters and this artist has used what I would deem a 2B pencil to[...]

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Mark Crilley: Drawing Hands In Two Different Ways

In this video Crilley satisfies a viewer's request by demonstrating how to draw hands in two different ways. He adopts a boxing in style to get the basic geometrics sorted before he goes on to adding details like knuckles and palms etc. One hand is male and the other is female, so the selection is[...]

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Mark Crilley: Drawing Two Different Hands, Open Palm And Writing Style

Another classic art tutorial from Crilley showing you how to draw two different styles of hand in pencil. Through expert narrative and an easy step by step approach you will come out of the other side with I'm sure a hand you will be proud of. An excellent humble art teacher. He uses artistic pencils[...]

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How To Ink In A Manga Character (Basics)

So you have your manga character sketched out, what's next? This drawing tutorial shows you how to ink in your manga character using a variety of pens and inks to perfectly finish off your stylised anime character. The artist Luis Miganishi decides to demonstrate using a time lapsed video spread over 9 mins and place still[...]

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Mark Crilley: 100 Different Ways To Draw Manga Eyes

Mark Crilley the master of everything manga delivers another great video which as the title suggests, shows you how to draw manga eyes in 100 different styles in a variety of different mediums. The video is obviously time lapsed to allow for the drawing and painting of each and every pair of eyes but is very[...]

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Mark Crilley: How To Draw Boy’s Hair On A Manga cartoon Character

Anime/Cartoon, Drawing, Intermediate, Pencil | 16 Oct, 2012 | 55 Comments | 10 mins

In this video tutorial you will learn with the guidance of Crilley, how to apply yourself to draw in pencil boy's hair for your manga cartoon creation. There are rules and guidelines to follow to achieve the best results but with the help of this video you should be a pro in the drawing and[...]

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