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Street Art A Way Of Life – See No Evil

Graffiti, Newly Added, Spraypaint | 21 Apr, 2014 | No Comments | 10 mins

Top street artists present their work to the world on Nelson Street, Bristol. See No Evil is the UK's most ambitious and diverse permanent street art project featuring some of the biggest names in the industry including New York based legendary artist Mark Bode, Nychos, Conor Harrington, and Bristol's own Inkie and Nick Walker. In 2011[...]

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Montana: Spray Paint Tips And Techniques

In this graffiti tutorial you will learn how to use the spray can to achieve a variety of outcomes like fading colors, highlights, block filling and fat and thin lines. The graffiti artist uses Montana spray paints for this particular tutorial which is a very respected and trusted brand within the graffiti world. He begins with[...]

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Drawing The Grafitti Alphabet In Pen

Have you ever wondered how to draw the alphabet in grafitti style? The grafitti artist in this video tutorial has developed his own unique style and take on how he would construct the alphabet and through his use of marker pen you can learn a few common moves to achieve a similar result. For best[...]

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Exclusive Wildstyle Graffiti On Canvas

Beginner, Graffiti, Intermediate, Pen | 01 Sep, 2012 | 6 Comments | 8 mins

Now this isn't something I am all too familiar with. However from the beginning of the video you don't think much is going to happen after the graffiti artist talks to the camera whilst drinking wine. You then come to realise that he draws straight onto the canvas with no pencil guide work already in[...]

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Live Graffiti Performance Of Jonny Depp From Pirates Of The Carribean

Advanced, Experts, Graffiti, Spraypaint | 26 Aug, 2012 | No Comments | 2 mins

This is an awesome time lapsed video of a young lad spray painting Jack Sparrow in an action pose 'live' for the camera. This guy is quite literally awesome and it is fascinating to see his creation unfold and evolve from early red line work and block shading with the spray paint all the way through[...]

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