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Life Drawings In Charcoal: Fanny Gogh

A collection of Life Drawings By Artist Fanny Gogh Manchester artist/designer Sian Doherty was named Fanny Gogh by a UK Tabloid after she famously used knickers in her ‘Knickerbokaglory’ painting/collage for her 2008 beautiful trash exhibition. Sian has worked in the international art and design industry since studying textile design […]

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How To Draw The Female Face

Why do artists have so much trouble with drawing the human face? It could be largely due to the fact that the face hones many different features which have a set way with their alignment with one another. For example the eyes are generally level with the tops of the […]

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Life Drawing With Dr Manny

Watch Dr Manny's own unique take on gestural life drawing. It's amazing to see the way other artists take on the most natural thing in the world; the human body

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Art Supplies For Charcoal Drawing Basics

In this video the artist discusses with you the range of different utensils available on the market which are needed to work at a basic fundamental level for charcoal drawings. He discusses the range and diversity of charcoal pencils and delivers a brief summary on each of them weighing up […]

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Chris Legaspi: Quick Figure Sketch And How To Construct The Limbs

In this video tutorial the artist Chris Legaspi demonstrates how to draw the limbs in three different examples using charcoal. It is a gestural drawing video aimed at the intermediate to advanced artist showing how to locate the main shapes which make up the human body ie the limbs and […]

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Learn How To Draw Water With Calm Waves In Charcoal

This video art tutorial shows you how in quite a short space of time you can draw calm sea waves in charcoals. It is definitely geared towards the beginner to intermediate artist but I actually learned a few ideas from this video myself. Using fine willow charcoal the artist begins […]

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A Live Portrait Drawing In Charcoals

This video shows artist Da Rong Dong sketching in charcoals a young girl in a live scenario. The video is time lapsed but it is easy to see how he navigates around the page and gathers all his correct proportions by working on the key features like the eyes, nose […]

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Carles Gomila: Anatomy

Carles Gomila seeks to paint works that are tender and yet disturbing, evocative full bodied and elegant. He loves painting the human figure based on the real human anatomy plus his own imagination and feels free to represent the human figure and redeem the values of classical art from a contemporary […]

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Profile Sketch Of A Portrait Profile In Charcoal

This is a sketching video submitted to me by a user of In this video you can see the progression of a sketch from start to finish via time lapsing techniques. Drawing or sketching the female head can be a very difficult task when you consider the delicate features […]

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How To Draw a Nude Woman In Charcoal

Beginner, Charcoal | 02 Oct, 2012 | 4 Comments

This is short video where you will learn the very basic techniques needed to gather your proportions whilst you draw a life model. The medium charcoal has been selected because it is versatile and manipulative. You can be very bold with it but at the same time you must be […]

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Marci Grogan: Speed Drawing Of A Nude Girl

Advanced, Charcoal, Drawing | 01 Oct, 2012 | 1 Comment

Here artist Marci Grogan demonstrates how to draw a lady posing. It has been sped up due to the fact it carries a lot of detail. It is a good example of a like for like drawing and should be viewed carefully. It is probably a good idea to see […]

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Cindy Gray: In Shadows Speed Drawing Art

A charming and commendable drawing of a female nude in charcoal by Cindy Gray. The first hand camera approach of filming coupled with her drawing from her lap approach makes for a nice raw video for the viewer to appreciate. It shows that art is readily available wherever you are […]

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How To Draw And Shade With Charcoal

Brought to you by the kind people at ‘Expert Village’ this presenter/artist shows you the important of shading with charcoal to ascertain form and weight within your subject matter. Shading is important because it gives your subject life and reality so it is vitally important that you are not shy with […]

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Paul Cumes: One Hour Morning Charcoal session – Nude Female

This artist has woken up in the morning to have a one hour session on his easel to draw in charcoal a female nude. The video has been sped up obviously, but it is nice to see his interpretation with the use of block shading and heavily applied lines to […]

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How To Draw Portraiture With Pastel And Charcoal

This art tutorial focuses on the different ways in which charcoals and pastels can be used within portraiture and highlights the different properties, elements and techniques in which they can be used. The instructor is concise with what he is teaching and passionately talks about how charcoal and pastel can […]

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