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Crayon Art – “Singin In The Rain”

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Creating a crayon art picture with melted crayons

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Here is how to create your very own crayon art picture

You will need the following:

A canvas

A Pack of crayons

Some Glue

Hot Air Gun

First take your canvas and then use your glue and cover about a quarter of the way down.  You want enough so that your crayons will stick.  You can also use the length of your crayon as a guide. Next glue your crayons,  you can either assemble them in a particular order of your choice, or simply just pick and glue at random.

Once all the crayons are in place, you can then use your hot air gun to melt the wax and run down your picture.

You can of course draw anything you like and create your very own pictures.

Here the artist has picked the classic image from the film “Singing in the  Rain” and has the legendary singer and actor Gene Kelly performing the song of the same name.

A simple but very effective  and quick way of making something that looks full of colour and alive.




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Crayon Art - "Singin In The Rain", 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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