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Fábio Cembranelli: Floral Watercolor Demo

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Brazilian watercolor artist Cembranelli showcases his skills and talented eye by showing us in his studio how he tackles a floral still life. Its hard to say what his technique is, you really have to watch it to interpret for yourself. The final painting is beautiful and full of vibrancy and much can be gained from following his style. Certainly too advanced for beginners but even if you are then the video is still definitely worth a watch.

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Fábio Cembranelli: Floral Watercolor Demo, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. Vic vic says:

    Fabio always exceeds our expectations. Not only that, his artistry spurs us on to do better in our creative endeavours. Thank you, Fabio

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  2. Lovely painting, but that awful drawing board was a distraction and spoiled my enjoyment. I would have liked to have seen the painting if not framed, at least removed from the board so that I could get a better view of it.

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