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How To Draw A Nose In Charcoal Pencil For Beginners

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This beginner’s guide on how to draw a nose is ideal for the beginner artist as it uses basic geometry to describe the proportions of the nose and also goes at a steady pace to allow the viewer plenty of time with the pencil.

A 2B charcoal pencil has been used throughout the tutorial and after the basic shapes are laid out the use of simple line work is used to form all the features of the nose. There is then the next step of being brave enough to add the shading in the appropriate areas to give the nose its 3D appearance. This is a great educational drawing video which I’m sure will help a lot of people on their way to becoming better at drawing and sketching.

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How To Draw A Nose In Charcoal Pencil For Beginners, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. 212tonyguy says:

    If we’re talking about the area that is in the middle of the upper lip (not the vermillion, but the lip) and underneath the bottom of the nasal septum extending to the top of the vermillion zone, it’s called the philtrum. The nasolabial sulcus is the indention or the fold of skin, a furrow between the wing of the nose (the outer edges of the nostrils) and the vermillion zone, or the furrow that separates the cheek from the mouth area.

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  3. aprc1977a says:

    Hey I wonder could someone help, is he using a charcoal pencil or a standard pencil and if so what grade of pencil? I’m using 4H for darker outlines and 2B for shading. It’s OK but could be better. Would appreciate any advice.

  4. Я так же художник, прошу всех кто видит мое сообщение, посмотрите видео создания моих картин в моем канале ютуба. Хочется узнать мнения людей. Заранее большое спасибо!)

  5. kay29xx says:

    OMGGGG YOU DONT KNOW WHAT A LIFE SAVER YOU ARE. my drawing has gone from 60 % realism to literally like 85%. im editing this picture i drew when i was 13 and after seeing this 11 year old artist on youtube who is really amazing i feel like i need to get my game on. i when from having an L nose with two little lines to an actual nose with a mustache holder. is it okay if i send you before and after pics of my drawing? it doesnt matter ill send it anyways lol. btw im 14 now so thankyou thankyouuu!

  6. I have a question for anyone who knows about value. How do you get that sort of shade where you don’t see all the graininess from the pencil where it looks really smooth. I can do it like his fine but I always wanted that smooth look

  7. Speeker37 says:

    Yeah, I know you trying to be all nice and motivational and be the good guy but sometimes something is just wrong. Sorry people, but its true. Dont be blinded from the real the world and assume you can sugar coat everything

  8. Who is “everybody”? Why should we believe they know what they are talking about? Why should we beleive you know what you are talking about? Where is your nose drawing vid, or a picture of one of the noses you’ve drawn? You have posted an opinion but without backing it up it has no more meaning than a f*** in a wind storm.

  9. i have… I’m artist… and everybody who saw this video told me not to watch it… because thats not the right way to draw a nose… actually its frucking wrong… the shades are horrible, the way he’s doing the shades makes the nose look like a pig nose… but his technique is quite good… he should keep up working like this, he’ll be better if he just keeps up working :-)

  10. Aller faire un tour sur ma chaîne YouTube, je la commence. N’hésitez pas a commentez mes dessin, a mettre un j’aime sa fait toujours plaisir et a donnez des conseil, des idée. Thanks Jérémy :)/channel/UCp0QT6kbQBS8MXgQj4Jm­­DTw/videos

  11. elie173 says:

    value value value value…. and value.. another value…HEY! I forgot to say value!!!!.Did I say value?!valwooohoo where r uuuu ?! i’m not finished from pronouncing u yet ? come on b****!!!!!!!show off your V shaped f***ing face!!!

  12. Well, I’m sure if you spoke with him it would clear it up. All his vids are realism so I think he’s just used to people watching a realism sketch to learn realism, not cartoon or anime. (Although it does help for those to know how to draw a realistic nose, but that’s not what we’re talking about… :p ) I think it never occurred to him that people might be offended by his high-handed dealings with other types of drawing. *snark alert* :)

  13. He’s not saying that… he’s saying if you’re drawing *realistically* and you try to use one of those routes, it doesn’t fit and will not look as good. He’s not saying anime or cartoons are “wrong”, just that they don’t fit with a realistic picture!

  14. practice practice practice.. I have never been able to draw a “pretty” nose, and my noses still arent pretty but they gettin better :) try drawing a face and then drawing the nose on.. cause the nose in itself kinda looks weird any way you look at it imo 😛

  15. sacelace1 says:

    Great 2 hve U back MARY! U did a wonderful job, it will B very beneficial 2 beginners. Pay no att 2 that idiot razv23. I myself am an artist & as such let me tell U that U will always encounter people that will look at UR art & start 2 look 4 mistakes. But don’t let that bring U down…that 1 person will dissipate in the mist of all the favorable complements. The nerve of Razv23 telling you to MAN UP besides not being an artist he is also deaf. keep up the gd wk. CNT wait 4 the nxt port.

  16. I’ve been taking constructive criticism my whole life. I know I have a lot of weaknesses as an artist and I know I make mistakes. But you are not being constructive because clearly if one of the nostrils is too low, it’s the left one. I was drawing at an angle so I wouldn’t get in the way of the camera. Goodness.

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