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How To Mark Out And Begin To Carve The Female Form

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This is an excerpt from an educational dvd and briefly shows you how to mark out and carve off the excess wood to begin to form the female body. The instructor uses two flat templates of the female figure showing the correct proportions and the way the the limbs should be carved as well as the torso.

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He uses a blue pen to mark directly on the wood areas around the upper back, beneath the arms and also around the legs to determine which areas of wood need removing. Once he is happy with his marked out subject, he proceeds to put it into a device, clamping down on the feet to allow him full freedom of movement with the deep number 8 fish tail gouge to quickly shave off the excess wood. This is a nice video tutorial to display the basics in wood carving.

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How To Mark Out And Begin To Carve The Female Form, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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