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How To Paint A Rose In Acrylic Paint – Grisaille

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Are you a beginner in art looking to further yourself a little quicker? If the answer is yes then this could be the tutorial for you. In this art tutorial you will be painting a beautiful Rose in a Grisaille with Acrylic Paint which is a traditional old master’s technique where firstly the under painting is achieved to paint the tones and shadow areas before being painted over by a semi transparent paint which covers the remaining canvas but still allows the under painting to come through.

Traditionally it would be oil paint which was used as a medium but nowadays with the advancements and versatility of paints this artist has decided to use acrylic paint which will not only look very similar but has a much faster drying time than oils because it is water based.

The first stage is to draw the rose on to the canvas so to do this he uses reference points to find the proportions of the rose he is drawing as his composition. Using reference points is an easy way to draw accurate areas like in this painting for example he draws reference points at the base and the tops of his rose petals then uses his artistic eye to reference directly from his photo to imitate their shape.  at this point in the video he comes in with a little tip and encourages you to stand back from your canvas to make sure that your drawing looks as it should, many people starting out in art forget to view their art from a distance which can cost them lots of time and rectifying in both the long and short term.

Once you’re happy with your drawing reach for a large 4 inch paintbrush and begin to paint all the way around the edge of the rose in black acrylic paint to form a silhouette. Now the artist uses a smaller flat acrylic paint brush to start forming tones within his rose and then to compliment these tones he comes in with the white highlights and once this is completed you should have a nice monochrome rose with a surrounding black background.

The final part to this video is where he demonstrates the mix of 5 parts acrylic glazing medium to one part acrylic paint to get the desired semi transparent consistency which will be applied as the over painting. The tones and highlights of your monochrome painting will naturally appear through this glaze and this is probably the most satisfying part of the whole grisaille process. I hope you enjoyed this art tutorial and you have used it as inspiration to have a go at creating your own artwork.

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How To Paint A Rose In Acrylic Paint - Grisaille, 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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  1. I must thank you for such a nice comment ArtisticAshley Bernier, and you know we all doubt ourselves at some point. It’s also great to hear the passion you have for your art as well, sometimes I wonder actually how valid art is to people now days, it’s nice to know that it still is. I’m glad we have inspired something in you and just remember to’ keep on painting’. Peace.MMJ

  2. Wow, that looks amazing. Just a great inspiration for me. Im looking for new ways to get my art notice and also try new styles to form a great Master piece. I always thought drawing a rose was so difficult and telling myself that I could never draw on in my life but, after watching your work I think Im going to change that thought and practice on making some roses and other flowers. Your doing wonderful. I hope I can get as good as you.

  3. Hahaha! Hello there nannete, of course it’s not a masterpiece, it’s a tutorial on Acrylic painting done in about an hour :) I’m just describing the technique, in the hope that people may try this themselves and create there own ‘masterpiece’, thanks for the great comment and keep on painting.MMJ

  4. The painting is amazing!! I would like to know which medium exactly should I use for this technique? Since I am unable to purchase Mont Marte items where I live :/ I currently have an acrylic medium which is an Amsterdam make … It’s a ”Extra Heavy Gloss Gel Medium” would this do the trick at all ? Thankyou MMJoe!! :)

  5. Wow, that was amazing! I usually paint roses by adding red, then mixing brown paint for the darker shades..then making a pink colour for the highlights and using black paint for extreme dark parts.. but you’ve achieved a really nice painting of a rose by painting it black & white then adding the red on top which has creates all the shades & lights… really inspiring and much easier technique :) ! x

  6. Hello again you! A flow enhancer is more of a paint retarder ( slows the paints drying time down) so the paint self levels. It is also white where as the Medium is clear, this clear nature facillitates glazes alot better. But as I always say…… ‘art is an experimen’t so why not give it a try, and let me know hoy you go. MMJ

  7. Hi there w1tchw2tch, you are welcome ! To be honest it took about 3 maybe 4 hours, the paint can be speed dried with a hair drier. This is the duration of most of our Vids to create, some are shorter but there is alot of post production after filming that has to happen. Keep on painting!

  8. yarmyplyf says:

    Hi thanks for sharing your techniques. I sketch a lot, but unforutnately if I add paint to anything I might as well throw it away !! But I do love watching your skills, so one day I might be able to add paint to my work – again – thanks !

  9. Hi chrisjacs, for this technique, you are best to go with the lowest viscosity medium (the thinnest), and go for the gloss variant, it tends to take subsequent layers better. good luck chris and keep on painting.- mont mart Joe.

  10. Bobesque says:

    that is a really smart technique to paint the whole thing in black and white, value wise, and then just glaze it with red when the value is good rather than mixing zillion tons of different reds to get the perfect value shifts.

  11. Hi CantStopMeAmvMaker,Mont Marte is currently working on getting into stores worldwide, but until then you can try ebay and art shed online. Just send an email to the seller to ask how much shipping to Canada would be.Keep on painting!~Mont Marte

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