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How To Sculpt The Incredible Hulk (Playlist)

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This sculpting demonstration shows you how to professionally sculpt the Incredible Hulk using modelling clay and a few modelling tools.

Starting with the armature which forms the basis for your clay superhero you must twist, bend and manipulate it so it is at the correct angle and is strong enough to hold the weight of the clay, remembering this is the Hulk so he is pretty heavy! The main muscle groups are built up first to form a monstrous torso and the n comes the placement of the head. The detailing like the lips, eyes, ears are next followed by the use of extremely intricate tools to form the wrinkles and veins etc in the clay. The end product is absolutely fascinating and this sculptor deserves all the credit she can get. A great playlist for anyone to enjoy.

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  1. im a sculptor as well and i must say you have some serious talent. i havent done any sculptures that big yet but just out of curiosity, how much sculpey firm did it take to complete this piece? and how much did it cost to do as well?

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  3. juliankhor says:

    Thank you for your compliments :) This project started out as just an exerciser in sculpting a head at work( ubisoft ), it got a little out of hand as you can see. It was meant to be just a head but it grew into a bust instead.So a lot of the pose and features were impromptu, my own interpretation of him, so a very minimal use of caliper to transfer measurement from, only used for symmetry measurements. Yes I do use a raking tool in the video to smooth.I add more then take when comes to clay. :)

  4. One of the best most detailed sculptures i have ever seen, you don’t seem to use a reference drawing to work off when building your armature nor are you using calipers to get accurate measurement, why is this?. Do you use any kemper/raking tools or just the ball head type tools as you seem to be mostly adding clay but not taking it away?

  5. NDIGLO007 says:

    holy c*** it worked , you told me to boil it and i just finished my sculpture,*thanks* , i kind of need help on doing a face (in trying a superman) , can you do a tutorial type thing for faces or even better sculpt a superman?

  6. juliankhor says:

    Thank you Akutabi13.Polymerclay is oilbased, so there will never be an issue of drying or working in a place where it’s warm or dry. You can take your time and go back to your sculpt at any time. It’s clean and less messier on your work place and hands. Also polymer clay is great for small scale figures in term of amount of details you can cram in.Once you are happy with your sculpt, bake to harden the figure. You can sand, sculpt and drill after as well.:)

  7. Akutabi13 says:

    Julian this is absolutely amazing and I gotta admit after seeing these videos I signed up for my local colleges ceramics class and been having a ball with a Kamen Rider bust and plan to follow your advice for a superman bust in the future. Its been going great, but we don’t have any polymer clays and I really wanna try using them. Are there any major differences in plasticity between sculpty and regular clay (I’ve been using a B-mix 5 w/ grog if that means anything)?

  8. Hey julian, where did you get your wooden tool at 02:50? And what would you call this? A spatula or paddle?I’m finding it quite difficult to sculpt faces at a small scale, and that looks like a great natural extension of a finger.

  9. juliankhor says:

    Yes you can use sculpey for very small figure to large figure as well. You need to be aware that sculpey will only hardened when baked. ( or boil) so long there is high heat. Meaning make sure you have a large oven or a big pot. So you will need to plan. If you can, sculpt them in parts where you can detach and bake them individually. Also if your sculpt is too thick, use filler for bulking underneath. Aluminum foil is commonly used for this. Hope this helps. :)

  10. I’ve never sculpted before and from what i have seen it seems as tho you can easily make a small figure with that sculpting clay you know to first start out and of course through trial and error to get it right.can this be done?To make small figure first and then expand to bigger projects.I’m actually inspired to do this because of your incredible work on one of my favorite characters.Please reply if you have the time.Thank you

  11. juliankhor says:

    Hulk is unique. In the sense that he has a very short nose, his eyes are slightly apart, high thick forehead. In essence, hulk does not follow any normal human proportion, that’s why it’s kinda hard to nail it down. Do you have reference for hulk?. Get as many references of hulk that you can. Get the profile view, front view, 3/4 view print it out in the right scale. Use that as you template. Invest in a good caliper. Measure your reference constantly. Practice practice :)

  12. juliankhor says:

    4 blocks!! that’s 4 lbs of clay. By right I should have used some aluminum sheets for bulk underneath. I was just going to sculpt a small hulk with just the head and the neck.. but it grew bigger… It was unplanned… that explains why so much clay..

  13. loftenchag says:

    MY GOD, this is beautiful. I’m a decent artist, but I’ve never really gotten around to sculpting. Ha, I think your videos have persuaded me to give it a go. I know I won’t be as good as you are, but everyone starts somewhere. Subscribed!

  14. juliankhor says:

    i still prefer my original recipe. I ordered a few sculpey firm a while back. I did not have time to sculpt and after awhile on the shelf, they turned really hard. And that is exactly why i still prefer my own mix. Sculpey firm can be very hard to handle if they are not fresh. And it tends to loose that waxy feel after a while and your sculpt gets a little powdery and cracks easy if left in the open for a while. But some people swear by it. :)

  15. mircioni says:

    where do u buy ur fim?u buyit online?i live in spain and they du not have sculpey.leave me a link so i can buy some super sculpey.i needit so i can sculpt my friend, he is an amateur boxer and i wanna give him a surprize.ive learned a lot from ur videos and i just started i this and got blowned away whit my achivements.1 million 10xs.excuse my english!!!! im romanian and i dident learn tu much in school :))))

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