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Jim McVicker: A Way Of Seeing In Landscape Painting

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This is an extremely insightful look into the life of a very unique artist called Jim McVickers who is a highly established landscape painter living and working around the various atmospheric areas which California has to offer.

When the sun is out it is a sign that McVickers will be out on the road meticulously looking for a landscape to paint which speaks back to him and has a certain atmosphere and feel to it. Within minutes he has his french easel out ready to paint and it is only a matter of time after this before paint hits the canvas. He works loose and free to begin with always wanting his paintings to have an abstract undertone to them so with his use of a filbert style of brush and thin red paint he applies streaky directional strokes to the canvas.

The way he captures the atmosphere, the air, the high clouds or the lingering fog is key in his paintings and is what separates him from other painters in his field. He uses high value colors early on in his paintings which are applied in a block-like style and it is these colors which sets the basis for his final composition and extremely accurately captured intensity of what he is actually seeing with his own eyes.

This is a very heart warming account and personal look into the life of an extremely devoted and dedicated landscape painter and i highly recommend its viewing.

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Jim McVicker: A Way Of Seeing In Landscape Painting, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  2. Glad there are still people out their painting like this…seriously – all those “artsy” guys out their with purple hair stomping on paint tubes and making up wild monologues about their work can’t hold a candle to a real talent like this. Really glad to see this video.

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