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Mark Crilley: How To Draw Hoodies On Anime/Manga Characters

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Expert artist Mark Crilley shows you how to draw in pencil hooded tops on a selection of three different characters in three different poses. His narrative and easy to follow steps make this a very enjoyable video to watch anime art tutorial. He uses a pencil to teach his sketching skills to any artist of any age and his results are spot on for what he is trying to achieve.

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Mark Crilley: How To Draw Hoodies On Anime/Manga Characters, 4.1 out of 5 based on 21 ratings
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  1. I love your art I just wanted to know if you could show how to draw one anime boy with a hoodie and having a anime girl like omnomming on the boys hoodie and his head I keep trying to do it but it always comes out weird looking like some kind of zombie look to it Hehehe I just wanted to know if you could help me out if you have time that is

  2. haha 99.99% has this, its all a matter of practice, before ur going to comics. try to draw easy characters, or practice a character from all sides over and over again till eventually you wont need help from an image and can draw it out of your own mind. at this point you are also capable of improvising wich will eventually make sure u can make comics :)

  3. thanks so much i just started really trying to draw good anime i made some doodles in school but they werent that good. :{ but i started watching youre videos and ive gotten 10x better than i was b4. thinkin about making a small anime series and ill see how it goes again thanks not alot of people are so dedicated to teaching things like this. 😉

  4. xee32 says:

    Mark it didn’t matter what u said before because u said what u had to say,u said what had to be said instead of what others wanted to say,i think that if u do that, u wouldn’t be able to tell what u r doing and they wouldn’t know what to do, say what u need to, say it from your heart and say what u need to say ^_^

  5. JubeiMutsu says:

    ~since you asked;Hoodie = a pullover (specifically)Hood = anything that has a hood (including a Hoodie).Anyway I like this tutorial, drawing clothing is pretty tough when your replicating modern wear. So many people know exactly what it should look like so it gets judged a little more than futuristic gear, for the strings are called ‘drawstrings’, like basketball shorts..

  6. Dear Mark, If you ever make another hood tutorial could you include the assassin’s creed hood (cause I am trying to anime-tize Ezio) because i can never get it right. So if you get the chance, please add it. P.S. The Superman symbol is a diamond (or if you may pentagon)From,Your viewer

  7. Porfavor mark ponle subtitulos en español a tus videos :( hay muchos latinos aqui que seguimos tus videos————please mark put him in Spanish captions to your videos: (there are many Latinos here we will follow :)

  8. There are more comments on here defining hoodie then appreciating the lesson lol.GET OVER YOUR KNOWLEDGE.This is a wonderful tutorial <3 I'm always struggling with the hoodies and I always want to put them on my pictures! xD Self-teaching leaves too many gaps, I'm happy to have you teaching me a way to do it easy and simple <3

  9. saramgt says:

    hi im sara the thing is im portuguese therefor i live in portugal ( duh) and i would very much like to buy your book on mastering manga that one where u have everything draw the one that came out this spring but the site that i loved so much only delivers to the usa what do i do here’s my email plz help me here

  10. To all the people who disliked this video you all cruel why watch this if your just gonna dislike it why waste your time tell Mark that all his hard work is nothing next time you choose to dislike a video of his just remember I know probably 90% of the people who disliked the video cant draw as well as Mark.So just be great full he takes the time to explain how he draws things 😀

  11. krlsmnk says:

    Ok a “Hoodie” is a pull-over type sweater with a hood on it. – For girls or guys. A “hood” is simply the hat component of the hoodie. A “Hooded jacket” is exactly what it says. It’s a zip-up or button-up jacket with a hood. Hope that helps.

  12. dude, first off you’re AMAZING and you’re one of my anime/manga idols, and i’ve seen your other things like chibis and such, but to my point. You should combine this and chibis and draw a chibi wearing a hood. My friend, another one of my idols, is a chibi drawing kind of girl. Well, she’s always wering a hoodie and well, I want to draw her in a chibi form wearing a hoodie. I would GREATLY appriciate this!!!!!

  13. This video has helped me improve so much it’s just stupid, but combined with the rest of your tutorials, I must really thank you! Thank you for making tutorials, and thank you for making drawing more fun!May I ask if you are able to make a hooded tutorial from the back of how it should fold and tuck? There’s no need to, but I thought I’d suggest it, but again, Thank you for taking the time to help us out!! It’s very much appreciated!

  14. Someone probably already answered this, but I always thought that a ‘hood’ is the piece of cloth that cover’s your head, and a ‘hoodie’ is a (modern) article of clothing with said hood attached to it, like jumpers, sweaters, cardigans.

  15. I didn’t mean to insult and literally said that they can do better I just want to experience the feeling to get some likes if I forgot to put “no offense” well I’m sorry and pls I’m not stupid I know people have different opinions again I’m sorry and have a nice day

  16. You should pull up a dictionary and read what dislike means.It obviously doesn’t mean “I can do better” it means, ” I did not like this”.Enough with your stupidity, let people like and dislike what they want, they were looking for a hoodie drawing tutorial and didn’t enjoy this one, thats all there is to it.

  17. keekeeblah says:

    i have a question i don’t know if you did this already in your other videos but can you draw the girl in the middle with the rest of her body cause i”m an artist and i draw the whole bodies can you please draw the whole body thank you

  18. Securitsu1 says:

    What is good about your videos– You (no matter what) help any artist, good, bad, professional, etc… And when you give tutorials, you give the viewer no pressure on YOU NEED TO DRAW THE CREASES. No, you add no stress or anything. Those are the things I like– you’re awesome and there are many more qualities too. Many people can agree and even add on! Thank you markcrilley.

  19. @wootwoot1216 i used to be that way too. And I’m not saying I’m as talented as ‘mark’ or that I’m even talented at all, but I forced myself to keep trying to draw my visions and I definitely got a better result than in the past. Just try time and time again. And if you can’t draw your vision, try and create it with real things and take a snapshot. Either way, people will still be amazed by the things you can imagine. :)

  20. OscVlogs says:

    I love your tutorials you don’t go “Draw a triangle, because I told you so” like most people, you say “Okay, this is clothing so it folds, the shape is something like a triangle” so ist not exact and I learn about how cloths work, movement of hair, etc.

  21. rokkerchix says:

    I don’t get it. How do people Spend LOTS of MONEY on ART LESSONS when you get them free on the internet! (sigh) People Nowadays! and i personally like them on the internet coz you don’t have some1 leaning over you saying “thats not good enough!” (under my breath) “well i’m trying as hard as i can!” (teacher) “pardon?” (me) “nothing. Just thinkin out loud”

  22. I just discovered somethin: he forgot to go over the pullstrings on the last hoodie with the Prismacolor pencil lol. Took me 20 times watching the video to notice. His art is so good you really don’t notice somethin like this. Just pure awesomeness

  23. @hellsongfurry123 Mark should answer this, but I find that certain drawings I need the guide lines. Like drawing people for instance, most difficult thing to draw… It’s kinda like getting the basic outline of an object then going in for the details afterwards, it mostly helps with the symmetry and correct portions of the subject of the drawing.

  24. i know this may sound retarded to proffessionals(didnt know how to spell that 😛 yeah im still retarded), but is all of that stick figure and line segmenting in the beginning necessary for a good body shape and all of that planning for the face necessary for a symmetrical face, or is it acceptable to just jump in and draw like I do now? I guess my main question is… will it hold me back or is it just a style thing?

  25. @PurgeToDeath Cool, I started drawing when I was arund 4 (or take an interest anyway) but in the last three years I haven’t been drawing, however only sometimes, my drawings are ok, however if I continued drawing I think my drawings would look far more better, than now. Also, I still need a touch up my shading a bit. Plus i’m terrible at shading objects, I want to draw manga, aswell as real life and become awesome at drawing. 😛

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