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Mark Crilley: How To Draw A Realistic Manga/Anime Character

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And here we have Anime artist Mark Crilley back with another fantastic how to draw video tutorial showing you exactly how to draw a very realistic male manga face.

He begins by drawing out a perfect square box with which he has decided to use 2 inch measurements for the edges. He draws out the grid within this square to form 9 smaller squares all of varying sizes to help set the standard proportions needed to guide you through the drawing of the manga face. The top left is reserved for the first eye and at this point he mentions the importance of these squares for helping you with line placement and layout as well as encouraging confidence with the pencil.

The top right hand square will contain the other eye but because the square has been drawn smaller the eye will appear more compact and keeps it within the laws of perspective by giving the eye the impression of being set further back than the other (larger) eye.

Crilley moves down to the mouth and discusses the difficulties of drawing the mouth and mentions how it is crucial to use faint lines on the outer surrounding areas as opposed to the hard darker line which will naturally fall in the middle of the mouth due to its obvious tonal values.

He uses a ruler to set out an almost 90 degree angle at the base of the chin to set the lines of where the jaw line will be drawn to help shape the face. The final part of this art drawing tutorial shows Crilley drawing in the hair with a nice freehand technique and then uses his beloved black Prismacolor to tackle the shading and tonal qualities of the skin to add body and dimension to his manga drawing.

This is another fantastic well narrated and easy to follow step by step drawing tutorial which provides great value for the beginner to intermediate sketch artist. Have fun.

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Mark Crilley: How To Draw A Realistic Manga/Anime Character, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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  1. Mark, Can you do a tutorial on how to draw different piercings? When i draw me and my boyfriend I feel as if I do pretty well, although our earrings, lip rings, etc. look more cartoonish. Thanks ^-^ PS. I love your work ^-^ <3

  2. Lol whatever. I’m not a nerd. Just because I own a computer….? I have a life, and it doesn’t mean I don’t just because I go online. So? I don’t have a husband and kids. wanna know why? Cause I’m too young to. I’m successful in many things, and I will be when I get older. #Youredismissed

  3. vSharingan says:

    LOL, nerd? Are you retarded? Do you know what the word nerd is? Mark is extremely successful, he is not only famous on Youtube w/ a partnership, he has a wife, a child, and makes money from all of his successful Mangas that are still selling today. You’re a dork on a computer, get a life. It’s not his fault you can’t draw.

  4. Please do a video on how to draw poses and on hoe to draw female faces front view for shoujo I’m working on making my own series and I’m have trouble drawing my characters in different scenes. I’m working on a werewolf series because every one does vampire mangas very little werewolf man gas.

  5. hey mr.crilley, could you do a video on drawing superheroes and powers like fire and electricity? i have an idea for a super, but its hard to make the idea come to life, and showing how to draw a hero shooting electricity would really help.

  6. A short vid on all the different pencils and when to use what would be pretty cool. I see a lot of people using 2 or 3 and occasionally more different pencils and I’m fairly new to drawing so I have no idea what thier doing.

  7. I was just looking for something to draw one day then I thought about going on your channel to draw something. I saw this video and ever since I started drawing the square I couldnt believe how much better my art has become but it is almost nothing compared to yours.THANK YOU CRILLEY-sama-senpai-sensei-san-sensei-sama-senpai-san-sensei…………………………………………….-kun XD

  8. Woow fabulous do u think u can do a video with less talkin and more drawin cz i dont understand wat ur tryin to say and u keep talkin and i dont no what ur tryin to say cz u say it in a adult way if u no wat i meen but video drawin was fab brilliiant magnifico x**

  9. Hi Mr. Crilley, I’m trying to learn how to draw manga, but here’s the thing I can’t even draw an apple lol, but I have this really awesome idea for a graphic novel, but I’m so afraid to let an artist draw I want to learn how to do it myself. I just want to know would this be the best way to learn or should I go to school?

  10. ryeck1 says:

    OMG u ROCK! to be honest i wana make comic books and video games and stuff and u inspiered me to start to learn how to draw im only 11 but better to start now so by the time im in collage i would have already mastered drawing.

  11. no-one ever taught me how to draw/sketch I just basically trained my self to draw what i saw and I figured out pretty good techniques with a pencil ETC. so i figured i should look up ppls artwork to see how good i was, and I came across this guy who is EPIC.

  12. amiegirl12 says:

    I agree, I usually just do my own thing when it comes to drawing the facially features as well other things, but its helps to watch these videos to get an idea on how to improve upon our own drawings so that we may become better artists.

  13. It’s because maybe you are mesuring like him, i quess artist seeking perfection do this, but not me, i like it more when i draw with my sould i mean i just have some kind of feeling on how to draw eyes nose or how to shade them and something, but still there is always something to learn

  14. Can you please show how to do curly hair?? My girlfriend has curly hair and I want to draw her likeness in a character but i can’t make curls look right. and I think curly hair is beautiful but almost no one ever does it

  15. SkullFaq says:

    they’re really just reference guides. Most artists still use them to make measurements easier, though i think that once you get used to drawing your characters over and over again you kind of get the feel for it and may not have to as much. hope this helps :)

  16. Ugh! I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who has a hard time with mouths :/ I’m great with eyes, but those mouths make it difficult for me everytime :( thank you so much for uploading this though! It really really helped and I can’t wait to try it!^^

  17. Dear Mark, can you please do a tutorial on how to shade? I tried to do this face, and after shadwing it, it looks like the guy has bruises all over his face (>_<) So please please do a tutorial on shading! Thank you so much!!!

  18. Can u make it too with a girl?? exect the same but in a girl because when I show them to my friend they are like ahh again draw a boy your realy gayand yes I know its stupid that they say that but please make it as a girl:)

  19. Ininsaki says:

    I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, and I must say I can see improvement in not only your video making methods and quality, but (if possible) your drawing, too! I am glad to be one of your more older subscribers, and that catch line of yours never gets old xDThank you for making so many videos for us! ^_^

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