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Becoming An Artist

Becoming An Artist


Latest Art Tutorials

Vincent van Gogh Paintings: In His Own Words

Newly Added, Painting | 20 Mar, 2017 | No Comments

Here is a selection of 18 Vincent van Gogh paintings as described by Vincent in his letters to his brother Theo. All words heard in this video are excerpts from the 900+ letters written by Vincent. Vincent van Gogh was born in Groot-Zundert, Holland on March 30, 1853. The son […]

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EnHaoKicks: Custom Painted Starry Night Vans

Finding expressive and exciting uses for art is always great to come across and this fits the bill. The artist here has used their exceptional talent to transform a pair of Vans trainers into a work of art. Somewhat cleverly, the piece painted on is by the infamous Vincent Van […]

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Flora Bowley’s Brave Intuitive Painting Process

A fresh new look at the brave intuitive painting process of Flora Bowley (, filmed in her Portland, Oregon studio. Flora Bowley is an artist, author, and gentle guide whose soulful approach to the creative process has transformed thousands of lives. Blending over twenty years of professional painting experience with […]

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John Baxter: How To Paint A Seascape In Watercolors

This video features watercolor artist John Baxter painting a scene including an estuary, boats, trees and houses. It is a time lapse video which shows how Baxter takes on difficult yet popular themes within watercolor painting. He goes through a whole spectrum of colors and uses many techniques to achieve […]

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Art : Defined

Art video tutorials constitute a broad category of videos intended to demonstrate the many and varied techniques required to accomplish different standards of art work. These range from simple beginners instruction in various media to highly advanced tutorials.

The benefit to the individual is the capability to easily access quality instruction at home from some of the most respected artists in the world. Respected not just for their own personal art work but also for their immense capability to both teach and more importantly…motivate those who wish to learn.

If there are specific artist whom you would like to see featured then please contact us and we will endeavor to accommodate your wishes.

Pencil Drawing Of Motoko Kasunagi – Ghost In The Shell

This video shows the artist skilfully pencil drawing the character Motoko Kasunagi from the Anime film ‘Ghost In The Shell’. The film set in the not too distant future follows a Cyborg female cop to create a well acclaimed piece among Anime fans. Using wonderfully controlled free hand drawing, the […]

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Epic Arts Cambodia – Everybody Counts

Everybody Counts is the message that is delivered here.  Epic Cambodia has been committed to educating and empowering Cambodian people to see ability, not disability.  Through various projects relating to art this organisation is managing to do just that. Epic Arts believes in a world where people with disabilities are […]

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“Buber Nebz” Graffiti Art (Featured Artist)

Each month I will showcase an artist on this site in this new section.   For the month of January I invited “Buber Nebz” real name Dan Smith to talk about his early passion for art and his career.  Introducing “Buber Nebz” Graffiti Artist               […]

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Hello and Welcome to ArtisanHQ 2017

Newly Added | 13 Mar, 2017 | No Comments

Hi Everyone My name is Ann Cunningham and I am the Senior Editor on the site. I previously worked on the site for 2 years as a contributor. In this time the site changed hands. After a short break I am back and have had a promotion.  I am looking […]

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Rosalind Franklin, DNA Discoveries In Science And Art

Rosalind Franklin, was the scientist who made the first clear X-ray images of the structure of DNA. Artists Wyllie O Hagan discovered Franklin’s work on DNA whilst working in an Artist Residency in a Cancer Research UK laboratory in London Franklin’s X-ray picture ‘Photo 51’ informed Crick and Watson of […]

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Becoming My Favourite Superhero (A Design Art Project)

A creative art idea that has been brought to life to help children face their fears by making, and becoming their favourite super hero Day after day, we see and hear about more and more children that face some of the most awful life challenges. These children are subjected to […]

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David Jon Kassan: Two Hour Male Face Study – Realism

Beautiful realist study of a male life model’s face for Kassan’s art class in NYC. Sped up to replicate the actual two hour study you can see where Kassan begins with very crude dark block filling with his charcoal. He introduces finer detailing with the charcoal and then the pencil. […]

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The Secret Of Drawing – All In The Mind Documentary

Drawing, Newly Added | 23 Feb, 2017 | No Comments

An in depth documentary about the art of drawing.  A truly superb insight into how artists actually draw pictures.  There is lots of information about the techniques that are used. It is said that there is a connection with the unconscious mind that takes over and transfers information from mind […]

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When Fashion Meets Art – Stefano Ricci Tribute To Jack Vettriano

Newly Added | 20 Feb, 2017 | No Comments

It is easy to see why fashion designer Stefano Ricci, chose to use the pictures that Jack Vettriano had produced and used them for his clothing collection. Both men work in a similar way. Jack Vettriano, will choose his subject, the people he wants to appear in his pictures and […]

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George Barbier – Art Deco

Newly Added | 18 Feb, 2017 | No Comments

A look at One of the great French illustrators of the 20th century There is very little information to be had on George Barbier as a person. Writers repeatedly mention his beautiful drawings and designs, but pass over the man himself with breathtaking consistency. Whatever the reason for this omission, […]

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Oil Painting Demonstration

Newly Added, Oils, Painting | 17 Feb, 2017 | 5 Comments

This is a demonstration of oil painting by ……

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Crayon Art – “Singin In The Rain”

Creating a crayon art picture with melted crayons Here is how to create your very own crayon art picture You will need the following: A canvas A Pack of crayons Some Glue Hot Air Gun First take your canvas and then use your glue and cover about a quarter of […]

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How To Price Your Artwork

Drawing, Painting | 13 Feb, 2017 | 7 Comments

Learn how to correctly price your artwork with expert advice

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