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George Barbier – Art Deco

George Barbier – Art Deco


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Evan Burse: How To Draw Prince Vegeta Manga Character In Pencil

Comic drawing genius Evan Burse has another instalment for you in this art drawing tutorial where you will learn how to draw prince Vegeta from ‘Dragonball Z’. Like most cartoon/anime and manga drawings you will start by drawing a sphere which represents the rough sizing for the head. The pencil […]

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How To Draw A Nose In Charcoal Pencil For Beginners

Beginner, Drawing, Pencil | 18 Aug, 2012 | 16 Comments

This beginner’s guide on how to draw a nose is ideal for the beginner artist as it uses basic geometry to describe the proportions of the nose and also goes at a steady pace to allow the viewer plenty of time with the pencil. A 2B charcoal pencil has been […]

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How To Oil Paint, Lesson 1, Michael Thompson

Understand the basics of oil painting with Michael Thomson, great introduction looking at simple skylines and various brushes.

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Girault Pastels Demo

This video tutorial offers you an insight into the line of Girault pastels and discusses their variation and vast differences to other competing pastels. The instructor looks into their versatility and ability to draw over each other with no resistance to give fantastic vibrancy and contrast with the colors. I […]

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Art : Defined

Art video tutorials constitute a broad category of videos intended to demonstrate the many and varied techniques required to accomplish different standards of art work. These range from simple beginners instruction in various media to highly advanced tutorials.

The benefit to the individual is the capability to easily access quality instruction at home from some of the most respected artists in the world. Respected not just for their own personal art work but also for their immense capability to both teach and more importantly…motivate those who wish to learn.

If there are specific artist whom you would like to see featured then please contact us and we will endeavor to accommodate your wishes.

How To Draw Feet

Here is another instalment from the virtual instructor, this time you can learn how to draw or sketch feet in pencil via a time lapsed video tutorial with excellent narration and guidance. The video contains two separate compositions to demonstrate how to draw feet. Using a black Prismacolor pencil the […]

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Camilo Huescar: Watercolor Demonstration

Working from his art studio Camilo Huescar showcases his watercolor skills by painting from life a still life set up. Throughout the art video it is evident that he is a master of his trade as he demonstrates his competence with the paint brushes as he address his subject matter. […]

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Artisanhq x DressHead Chiffon Blue and White Floral Printed Skater Dress

Intermediate | 08 Aug, 2012 | No Comments

Artisanhq x DressHead Chiffon Blue and White Floral Printed Skater Dress / Belt Detail / Lightly Textured This blue floral printed skater chiffon dress inspired by artisanhq x is as classic as they come. The thick jacquard fabric flatters your shape and falls gracefully, skimming you in all the […]

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Darrell Crow: Painting Shoreline Reflections (Pt 8/19 How To Paint Water Series)

More from ‘oils’ artist Darrell Crow. In this video he tackles the complexities surrounding obtaining a natural and realistic reflection along a shoreline. He uses a variety of brushes and uses his familiar palette knife to score and scrape until the desired result is achieved. A very worthwhile video which […]

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Alan Kingwell: Oil Painting Demonstration – Painting Snow

This is a beautiful painting of a snowy field by oils artist Alan Kingwell. Throughout this short video you will see how he selects the appropriate colors to depict a cold winter’s morning and how heavy emphasis is put on the shading across the top of the snow. He uses […]

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Paul Klee: Video montage (Playlist)

Experts, Oils, Painting | 31 Jul, 2012 | 2 Comments

Paul Klee was a Swiss painter from German descent whose work stemmed from a deep rooted love for German idealist metaphysics. Klee loved the nature of a primitive existence and particularly envied children with their freedom to create gestural signs which worked hand in hand with their natural naivety. This […]

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The 3D Chalk Man – Montage

Oh my God. You have to wonder just how much chalk this artist is using to fill an entire street or 6! Again a massively impressive montage of just how talented some street artists can be. Their will to succeed is commendable to say the least as some of these […]

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