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Speed Painting Watercolor Portrait

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The application of generous amounts of water in the portrait makes for a very professional and confident end result. It is interesting to note how the artist has allowed the vibrant watercolors to bleed into one another to create a really quite fresh and contemporary style for the portrait. The detailing has not been lost either throughout the piece and leaves plenty for your eye to study and admire.

Speed Painting Watercolor Portrait, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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  1. I think that it is because most people are more accustomed to feeling more negative emotions. Pure happiness and goodness is only achieved through hard work, innocence and purity can never be retrieved once lost, beauty is particularly uncommon, usually masking a darker, more sinister interior, actions of charm can be distorted into a vision of sick obsession, and people can be untrustworthy of love, for its nasty side effects if it is ever tossed aside or taken lightly. It’s sad, really.

  2. Well if your (supposed) god created EVERYTHING then that LOGICALLY means he created all the evil stuff too. Death, disease/ pathogens/ viruses (all either meant to kill or cause suffering), famine, war, infant mortality… etc etc.

  3. Your perception of EVIL is not the same as everyone else. This may depict something completely different in the artist’s eyes. And when you paint/draw, you express emotion. If all you paint is happy things your lying to yourself.

  4. I don’t think anybody is copying anybodymaybe the girl has a similar styleand the person saying sthat he copies you is just jealous,anybody has a style of their own there’s a million person out there doing the same thingis your own feelings and your own passions that make you differentnot a medium or a way of doing things

  5. JevanEnsen says:

    I think the important thing, whether you copy someone elses work exactly, or create it yourself, when you’re learning, one of the best ways to improve is to study the process for how something is made. With painting and drawing the best way to study and improve is to copy the work of your superior until you have a good enough grasp(a long with studying the concepts and ideas behind it) Look at all the old masters, they had students copy their work directly, because it helps build technique, <3

  6. I feel like copying artist who use this style because I use it too, when I was younger I always liked the drops and paints splash stuffs. Just the whole splash art thing. But I see more artists who use the style now and I don´t feel really comfortable by painting with this style. But it’s just a style I like to do but stilll… it doesnt feel always right…

  7. @SheepyPixie your a fool if you think this girl in your class is copying Agnes work, In todays mordern art world there is alot of argument about artists copying others work, if im being honest Agnes looks like she has worked through the Inspiration of Marion Bolgonesi. So how do you know this girl isnt just working through inspiration of Marion ? With all this said i am only stating an obvious point i find Agnes work fantastic and truley inspirational.

  8. yes, this is right too, it’s ok if she starts a painting with watercolor, with a lot of colors and some drips, it isn’t a unique style. But you haven’t to spend all your time remake the style from an artist you saw on the web, is useless for yourself. If it’s just your natural artistic development there isn’t problem! A lot of people tell me my works seems inspired by Marion Bolognesi, it’s ok, our style are similar, but I didn’t know who she was before, just both of us are using watercolors

  9. Love love this, but I have to disagree with you in terms on copying. Unless this girl is copying EXACT painting from this artist, I have seen (and know) few artist that paint in this style. I work in fashion industry, and it is very popular technique with illustrators. So don’t hate on the girl for having style that has been done before and it is always fresh with different set of eyes. Every artist brings something unique to it, Celebrate it!

  10. mystyne says:

    i’m not gonna say i’m agree with your friend, but i think she’s on her way to find what style suitable for her, and she finally found this kind of artwork that she actually like to do with. she was inspired, but unfortunately ended up copying. even well known artist like picasso copied other artist style until they found their own. And agnescecile should be proud. Nothing could be better than the original.

  11. thats not fair for you to say that.cuz im a graffiti artist that enjoys new mediums. and to be honest my water color s*** looks sorta like this.and i have never seen this before.. so i bet if you saw my s*** youd assume that i copied this fine artist.which ofcourse i didnt. i never had formal training jus streets and trying what unless you know for a fact this girl in your class is saying” hey you know that watercolor artist from the youtube, yeah im coping her s***.” then mybad. peace

  12. aww that’s a disappointmet D: Are you sure she’s been copying, though? A lot of people, myself included, like to work a little more abstractly and freely with watercolors. Is it not possible that she simply has a similar style? I’m not trying to say you’re wrong, I just want to know if you’re sure she’s been copying and it’s not just conicidence.

  13. Perfetto, credo di aver afferrato tutto. Ti ringrazio per le dritte. Disegno da quando sono nato, come te, penso. Ma avevo un’avversione per i colori, di recente ho provato con l’olio e sto avendo buoni risultati. Spero di trovare un espressione per come ho fatto con il disegno! Buon lavoro! e complimenti, hai un bel linguaggio creativo.

  14. hey well lol im not that girl but im only just starting to develop my water coloring skills i would never wish to copy another artist but how do u create a style of your own after researching and studying the diff typesof art, isnt it that you take a little from everything you like and combine them and try them out to discover your own.i dont ever want to copy someone but can i ask advice i wish to develop my own style how did u find yours?

  15. ti conviene andare in un negozio di belle arti e farti consigliare da loro. :) La carta è ruvida e spessa da acquarello, i pennelli sono quelli più corti con le punte più morbide, per i colori io uso i winsor&newton, ma anche altre marche sono buone! Devi sapere che gli acquerelli sono molti facili da mischiare, io ho una scatola da qualcosa come 45 colori, ma alla fine uso i soliti 10.. se soprattutto sei agli inizi io consiglio la confezione da viaggio da tipo 12 colori.. Bastano!

  16. I know perfectly that the world “is not a disney movie”, but why like the evil and the death instead of liking what iss beautiful and good..? Becouse we all have a choice! We can choose to spread light around us or to spread death and darkness…I hope I made myself understood..

  17. or “696hellokitty” : I don’t agree with you..good is good and bad is bad…they can’t be together. Bad exists in the world becouse of the sin that is in the world, and that is why anyone knows and understands what bad is.. becouse bad is suffering and pain…and also there is good in the world, that people understand becouse good is happiness and life..

  18. but they are separate leads to death and one to life..that is why God makes you choose between good and bad, between light and dark, between life and death..becouse they are separate ways…God is good…whoever chooses Him, will have eternal life!

  19. Ciao! intanto complimenti, sei davvero brava! volevo qualche consiglio sugli acquerelli. Non li ho mai usati, ne tanto meno so cosa serve. Il tipo di carta, i pennelli migliori, e magari qualche consiglio. Sulla scatola di colori da comprare, dato che ce n’è di diverse dimensioni e diversi colori. Di nuovo i miei complimenti :) P.s sono uno studente di scultura e mi sto affacciando da poco alla pittura. ti seguirò!… on line intendo XD

  20. There’s a girl in my art class who’s been copying your style. It irritates me because your the original, not she. On top of that she’s won awards because of her copying your style. I know it shouldn’t irritate me so much but it makes me mad that people like her just copy styles that people like you have probably spent a lot of effort creating and molding it into something wonderful.

  21. gasioulis says:

    Well I was looking for some drawings with charcoal and somehow I came here, I don’t know how but I am rly happy that this happend. Well this is amazing, you got some talent for sure. From tomorrow I will try some watercolors for sure!!!

  22. ShanicuaTV says:

    @awesome8383 Start painting today, concentrate in loving doing it on the process and watch the results in the future. :yWatercolour is, I think, one of the hardest methods of painting: I suggest starting with acrylics.I can help you on a brief start, but not too much, nothing fancy, just the basic. Ask me if you want to. :y

  23. My name is Alyssa. I am 13 and inspire to be like you. your artwork is beyond beautiful and cannot be described with words. Because of your art I am now using watercolors more often. I get frustrated when my paintings do not turn out as good as yours do. then I must remind myself I am 13 and have only been drawing and painting seriously for less than a year now. Never stop painting, you have a true gift from God. -Alyssa

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  25. You are currently my favorite artist, I am absolutely mesmerized by your work. You have an amazing talent, and you are super pretty to top it off. As an aspiring artist I can only hope to reach your level of skill in my life time. Keep doing what you do.

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