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Tom Mead: Mr Meads Captain James McWolfson In Pen & Ink

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This video, shot over a period of two weeks, displays the awe-inspiring work of Tom Mead. The piece, titled ‘Captain James McWolfson’, shows incredible talent for detailed and intricate pen and ink work, leading to an eerie yet indulging creation. This is a strong theme for the Bath based fine art publisher ‘Fine Grime’, who showcase some of the artist’s pieces among many of their other featured artists.

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What really adds to this video is the ability to not only see the artist in full embodiment, but to be given enough perspective to see his surroundings and works space, developing a more intimate feel for the viewer. Intriguing camera shots coupled with musical accompaniment, that goes beyond fitting and becomes a powerful part of the drawings development, sees this video being a great portal into the skills of this fantastic artist.

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Tom Mead: Mr Meads Captain James McWolfson In Pen & Ink, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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