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Zaman Jassim: Abstract Painting Demonstration

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This is a sped up video demonstrating Zaman Jassim’s skills as she delivers a very exciting, fresh and contemporary piece of Abstract art using a great fusion of colors using a fresh palette. Acrylic paints have been used throughout this time lapsed abstract painting demo, but it is the size of the canvas which makes the final result so capturing.

Starting with a thin flat artist’s paint brush Jassim draws a rough horizontal and vertical line through the centre of the canvas to act as a marker for the remainder of his abstract piece. A fusion of oranges, yellows and violets are his intial colors which he applies with a 3 inch paint brush in a ‘block in’ styles which isn’t strictly governed by rules, and instead takes on a more natural and organic feel.

He works from the centre of the canvas displying more intricacies and finer detailing at this point whereas the outside colors are used as more of a wash to retain the focal point within the middle of the abstract painting. The continual use of the smaller brush is used in a manner which shows intention and thought within his work but it is the introduction of the scraper tool which compliments the brushwork to create some stunning transparent effects.

In abstract art anything is possible and from this video I would say that Jassim prefers to keep his work loose, fluid, colorful but yet all with a sense of containment and visual effects which are very pleasing to the eye. The entire 1.5mx1.5m canvas is filled and the result is an extremely competent example of how I think an abstract art piece should look.

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Zaman Jassim: Abstract Painting Demonstration, 3.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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  1. I have made a few videos showing the process of my paintings (time lapse).Please have a look, and see what you think? This is something in which interacts with the audience.Ever wanted to see how I create my paintings? Well you can, on my Youtube channel site.

  2. I think you’re confused. What you are referring to is abstract-impressionism. That’s when the impression of an object or scene is painted but very obscured. Pure abstract can be unintelligible. It can be just a design that has no connection to reality whatsoever as far as surface value is concerned.

  3. missasdaf says:

    ابداع لحد النخاع . ما شاء الله تبارك الله لكن ابي اعرف نقطة معينة, من وين يجيك الايحاء لرسم مثل هاللوحه ؟ كيف ممكن تفكر و بعدها تطلع بلوحه خياليه ؟انا هاويه رسم و أعشقه , لكن ابدا ولا مرة جربت ارسم من وحي خيالي او فكري .. أحب أشوف المقاطع و اتعلم منها و اللوحات للي تعجبني أحاول اني اطبقها بطريقة مختلفه شوي واصل و الله يعطيك الف عافيه

  4. what kind of medium do you use? Is it paint sticks? and how did u make the white marks? What kind of surface are you painting on. I absolutely love this….especially the details one of the best paintings i have seen good luck!!

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